Slide Licensing Downloading YouTube Payments Licensing What does my license cover? Your license lets you to use the sound recording in one project or video and covers all sync rights. It does not include performing rights.

Performing rights are typically the responsibility of the hosting system (e.g. YouTube) or broadcaster (e.g. a Television channel), and easily granted through performing rights organizations (PRO's).
Do I need a license if I buy the track on iTunes? Yes, you will need to buy a separate license because it docover your intended purpose of using the audio.

Can I monetize my video on YouTube? Yes, if you purchase a Professional or Business License, then you will have the ability to monetize your video on YouTube.

Email a copy of your receipt and the URL to your video to, and we will remove the third-party claim on your licensed audio.
Downloading How do I download my licensed track? - After purchasing a license, you will get an email that includes your receipt and a link to your downloads and licenses page.

- Log into your client dashboard.

- Hover over the track and click down arrow labeled "download."

- You will have the option to download either a WAV or mp3 file.
Can I download my licensed track more than once? Yes, you can download the track as many times as you want.

YouTube Can I use your music on YouTube? Yes, every license allows you to use the sound recording in the video you post to YouTube. However, if you want to monetize your video or remove ads, you will need to purchase a Professional or Business License. Payments How is my payment processed? We only accept credit card transactions at this time. All payments are processed through third party payment processing system, Stripe.

We do not view or maintain a copy of your payment information. For more information visit our privacy policy.
Can I get a refund on my purchase? We cannot guarantee a refund of online purchases unless there is a technical defect with a file, and we are notified within 48 hours of purchase. For more information visit our return policy.
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